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Affordable Alternatives to Melbourne Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Bali Beginning offers an affordable addiction treatment alternative to a Melbourne rehab centre, and best of all we have places available at affordable prices.


Melbourne rehab, conducted in the State of Victoria in Australia, is done in the main city in Victoria and one of the largest eastern seaboard cities in Australia. Addiction treatment at a Melbourne Alcohol rehab centre often includes  a range of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation options for people struggling with addiction or looking for quality recovery options. Other addiction treatment options at Melbourne alcohol rehab centres – The Hader Clinic and Lifeworks exist in Melbourne, but these are not always suited to the needs of people wanting to embark on recovery a bit further from home, to get out of their day to day routine and regular environment.

The metropolitan area of Melbourne spans almost 100 kilometers and is a sparse and spread out area encompassing suburbs such as Frankston and Dandenong in the South East, through to Prahran and Toorak in the central shopping areas, and then Weribee and Hoppers Crossing in the Western side of the city (accessed via the famous Westgate Bridge).


A little more about Melbourne Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centres…

We’ve provided a little more information below for those who’ve decided that Alcohol and Drug Rehab is best done at home in Melbourne, but if you struggle to get a place at rehab or are struggling to afford Melbourne Drug Rehab then Bali Beginnings can help.

Riverside Clinic

Riverside Clinic based in Melbourne offer Alcohol and Melbourne Drug Rehab services for a range of substance abuse disorders and addiction treatment to support their clients.

According to the Riverside website, they focus on “…treatment of addictive disorders to alcohol, illicit and prescription drugs; and co-occurring mental health issues“.

Riverside offer inpatient rehab treatment and support a range of models of treatment to provide a best-practice approach to rehab services.  They focus on a range of aspects of client treatment including spiritual, physical and a holistic look at patient recovery from addiction.

The Banyans

The Banyans treats issues of addiction to Cocaine, Ice, Alcohol and Prescription drugs.    Their Melbourne Drug Rehab Centre is focused on providing a luxury rehab experience for individuals seeking addiction treatment help.  Their website sttes that they set “a new standard in medically informed integrated rehabilitation and recovery“.

Their Melbourne Rehab Centre also incorporates an Executive Rehab Service to assist clients working in corporate or executive roles who have developed alcohol or drug dependance in response to stressful work lives or from high pressure jobs.




Odyssey House, Victoria

One of the oldest and most recognised names of all the Melbourne Drug Rehab Centre facilities, Odyssey House supports clients in managing the impact of Alcohol and Drug Addiction and offers addiction treatment for the individual as well as a range of support services for friends and families of the addict.

They also have a strong policy of non discrimination and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and those from different cultures as well as supporting clients from the LGBTQI community.

With premesis located in locations such as the banks of the Yarra River, Odyssey House has strong ties with Government, Community and Medical institutions in Melbourne.

The Melbourne Clinic

The Melbourne Clinic is an Alcohol and Drug rehab offering a diverse range of addiction treatment including Drug Detox, Alocohol Detox and assessments and treatment for effects of addiction including emotionatl, spirital and physical issues created by addiction to drugs or alcohol.

They offer 7 day detox programs and 28 day programs of addiction treatment.   They also conduct pre-admission assessments to ensure suitability for admission to their treatment program.

The programs allows a person to “take responsibility for their own recovery in a respectful setting“.

Windana Alcohol and Drug Rehab

With facilities in country Victoria (The Grampians), Windana Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre are a prominent Melbourne Rehab Centre who have been “helping people rebuild their lives in a safe, caring environment” and offering addiction treatment for a range of addiction related disorders.

Their Vision and Mission describe allowing clients to rebuild positive lives and focusing on a broad range of issues in recovery from alcohol and drug problems.

With offices in St Kilda Road, Melbourne, they work with GP’s and Medical Doctors to understand patient history in preparing to accept them into their addiction treatment program.

Many people in Melbourne choose to look further afield at alcohol addiction treatment options to allow them to embrace a recovery from substance abuse and alcoholism in a more tropical or tranquil location which leads them to examine options further afield. One of the quality options available to them is to travel to asia to seek addiction treatment, and Bali is a common destination for asian travel by Melburnians. The cost of Melbourne Alcohol Rehab Centres can be quite expensive and sometimes asia rehab options are far more affordable.

At Bali Beginnings we treat a large number of clients coming from Melbourne and the state of Victoria, and we provide quality care which is only a short flight away from Melbourne.


Travelling to Bali from Melbourne

There are a number of airlines which depart from both Tullamarine airport, and also from Avalon airport near Geelong – each of which are a short train ride from Southern Cross or Flinders Street train stations, or airport transfers are available from these locations also. Once you’ve arrived at the airport, a shoft 5 – 6 hour flight is all that is needed to land in Bali where our experienced team will be ready to pick you up and transport you to our rehab centre based in Sanur in Bali.

Checkout our site to find out more about the quality rehab options we offer for people from Melbourne seeking Alcohol Rehab and addiction treatment.

More about alternatives to Melbourne Alcohol Rehab

Addictions can form easily. Many users intend to use alcohol or drugs (narcotics) recreationally, but addiction often takes control of their lives and they end up needing addiction treatment centres. Attending a rehab facility is the best way to overcome addiction. Alcohol Addiction Treatment centres and Melbourne Alcohol rehab options provide professional services for many addictions, or for people who feel they need help with a problem.

Why the Need

When a person uses drugs or alcohol, an addiction may form very quickly or gradually, over time. Much depends on their background and the type of drug. Regardless of whether or not the substance is legal, an addiction can be formed. Addiction can also be formed with all manner of non drug related issues, or things that are not viewed as drugs. Sugar, eating, sex, pornography (porn), technology or the internet are but a few of the issues coming more and more to light.

The addict may be able to hide their addiction from family and friends for a time, but sooner or later it becomes evident. Problems with relationships, at work, and school are often the first signs of addiction. Sometimes however the opposite can be true and the addict can be the last to know.

How Rehab can Help

Attending a rehab facility provides the best chance at success in overcoming addiction, regardless of the type of drug. These treatment centres use proven methods that help the addict break their addiction and prevent future relapses.

Treatment centres in Melbourne are well equipped to treat addictions, and while the basic care given at different Melbourne Alcohol Rehab facilities is similar, each one offers unique benefits.

There are essentially two types of rehab—inpatient and outpatient. Each offers benefits and meets the unique needs of individuals.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient facilities offer living quarters for their patients. Under close observation the patient has a high chance of success in initially breaking the addiction. This type of facility is ideal for addicts who are suffering withdrawal or are concerned about relapse.

Each day the patient attends individual and group therapy sessions that help them identify the reason for their addiction. Educational classes are also provided and teach the addict about the harmful consequences of addiction.


Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient facilities provide similar treatment, but they do not require that the addict live in the facility. While overcoming their addiction, you are able to carry on your daily routine at work or school.

Submitting to a breathalyzer or urinalysis throughout the week may be required, and classes similar to an inpatient facility are provided.

Benefits of Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are a time for you to identify the problems unique to you. This is very important in identifying the reasons why you developed an addiction and how you can prevent it from reoccurring.

Group settings help addicts identify with others who are facing similar problems. Seeing others who are battling addiction and how they overcome it is a powerful teaching aid.

Both inpatient and outpatient Alcohol treatment centers in Melbourne offer benefits. Depending on your insurance and the local addiction treatment facilities, rehab may be free or cost very little. However there are many other options opening up in the world today should the client wish. The may choose this down to different pricing, services, extended stay periods, varying activities or even different scenery. Sufferers are more and more frequently visiting places such as Thailand, India or even Bali. One of the key benefits of this, other than cost, can be to get the addict away from the temptation that surrounds them as they break the cycle.

If you or a loved one is battling alcohol addiction, connect with a treatment centre today and start on the road to recovery.